Wheel Profile & Diameter






Wheel Profile & Diameter measuring system : OVERVIEW

The SelectraVision WheelCheck measuring system checks the profile of the train wheels in order to prevent train derailment. The system is able to measure the profile of each passing wheel at very high speed and with an accuracy of 0.5 mm. It is currently working from 0 to 150 km/h.

Based on lasers and on high speed cameras, the wheel measuring system checks wear condition, diameter and parameters of the wheel tread profile comparing them to the standard measurements.

Wheel Profile & Diameter measuring system : TRAIN WHEELS MEASUREMENTS

In particular the Wheel Profile & Diameter measuring system is able to measure:

  • Flange thickness
  • Flange height
  • Qr Quote
  • Rim nominal width
  • Wheel diameter
  • Back to back wheel gauge.

at very high speed. It was tested at 150 km/h.

Wheel measuring system: DATA ACCESSIBILITY

All train wheels measurements are recorded in a protected data base and are simply accessible by a web user interface visible by multiple users. This user interface shows graphically the profile of every wheel detected by the wheel measuring system and permits the user to overlap the real profile of the wheel with its standard reference profile in order to have an immediate view of the wear of the wheel profile.

The trend of the profile of every wheel and all measured parameters of the tread profile are shown in the interface. In case of problems on a wheel it is indicated as alarmed. In the web user interface every wheel is associated to a train that can be identified by rfid tags, plate of cars (detecting by ocr optical character recognition) and information given by the central control unit. The wheel measuring system is currently part of a diagnostic portal situated in Milan. This diagnostic portal is a complete solution for checking all trains passing through it. Besides measuring every wheel, it checks at very high speed pantographs and profile of trains giving immediate alarms in case of problems. Thanks to the web user interface, it is possible to check a single train in every part and control every single passage of it through the diagnostic portal.

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