SelectraVision, measuring equipment for railways, is exhibitor at Sifer 2017

Innotrans 2016 - Hall 5.2, Booth 312

WORLD PREMIERE at Innotrans 2016

SelectraVision Wheel measuring system

Wheels have to be checked at regular intervals to ensure passenger safety and prevent train derailments. Existing systems generally measure the wheel profile on a stationary wheel or at a speed of 30 kph. The new “WHEELcheck System” from SelectraVision can measure wheel profiles at high speeds of up to 150 km/h, using laser technology and high-speed cameras. Each measurement checks the wheels for wear, and also measures the diameter and the wheel tread profile parameters. An alarm is immediately triggered if problems with the wheels are detected. All the recorded data is stored in a database, and a web user interface makes it available to multiple users. Overlapping with the standard reference profile, the actual profile of each wheel is graphically displayed via the user interface, together with the wear on the wheel and the measured parameters of the wheel tread profile.

Section S - Innotrans Press Innovation

The wheel measurements system, working at high speed, allowed SelectraVision to become WORLD PREMIERE at InnoTrans 2016. The article about it printout on the InnoTrans Innovations Report is shown below.